Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Barn & Noble

I wrote this a while back. Just found the notebook. Thought I would jot it down on my blog:

What I asked of life was to give me roses
and daisies, zebras and leopards
and spiders and lizards.

I never thought much more of it.
Until sitting in Barnes and Noble
reading Alice and Wonderland,
and not knowing the difference
between Tweedle Dee and the Carpenter
or a Rabbit and a Hatter.

I want a cup
but there isn't a good tea
to drink anymore.
Just poetry
Poetry. God, I love

I could chamomile
all the while I sip and stir
caramel into an ocean of creativity.

Words salt me.
And I can't shake the notion
that maybe a rose isn't a rose
and nobody knows a Daisy
like I know her
or think I know her.
There's always a fork in my tongue.

Slipping my Pen from brain to ink
ink to stains on pages
spotted and striped.

Poetry though, ensnares me,
bleeds me,
twists me,
until I push roses and pop daisies

I must be Mad after all.