Monday, January 16, 2012

Pole Dance is an Art

Sometimes art catches us, challenges us, dares us or even seduces us in ways where we begin to question who we are or who we are to become.

In the depths of our soul lies so many truths. Some are difficult to accept. Some are beautiful beyond expression.

Somehow within us is a craving, a hunger to express what words can barely touch. We want the beautiful. We want it's expression. So many of us will find art, yet too few embrace it. Many have and will speculate and critique art, yet too few will ever experience it. Too few have surrendered their lives to the expression of their souls, and our world misses their talent, misses the chance to witness the depths of human beauty.

If this dance challenges you, evokes changes in you, inspires you or any of the contrary. Then DO something about it for your sake!

An hour involving yourself in any art form is more fulfilling than a year watching others doing it.