Monday, February 28, 2011

Kentucky Friend Chicken

Ok so I just finished up some therapy at the VA Hospital today, took the bus, and on the way home got hungry and randomly pulled the stop cord right outside a KFC. I didn't think that it would turn into such a great experience. I of course had my guitar with me. I had been teaching my self "Can't Help Falling in Love" using that link on my iPhone. (Sorry for the annoying popup that the website tosses at you; it's not mine.)

When I got into the KFC after ordering some lunch. I met a really cute old couple. The old man got up and was massaging the old woman's back. It was super adorable. So I told her, that he had asked me to Sing her a song. And I broke out my Best Elvis sounding voice. I didn't expect to have such a fun conversation with anyone over my fried chicken but that's exactly what happened.

He told me, "You know if you are that passionate about music and you are already this great at it. Stick with it. It will eventually pay you more than you can even handle." And then he handed me a $10 dollar bill. It is so amazing to me how willing to support artists people are. I of course thanked him, to which he said, "No, thank you. It's not every day you meet a star."

I cried.

Thank you who ever you are.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Ball is Rolling!

It is kind of crazy watching how things come together so quickly.

A week ago I was on set for a Sitcom (which I cannot name or give any details until the pilot episode is complete or out on the network).

Two days ago I just won first place for the State of Utah in the Veteran's Art Festival, in the category of Solo Rock, performing an original song!

I am super excited as I am now in the semi-finals competing against 50 other winners from the other states. And if I make the top ten, I will then perform live in front of the national veteran's competition and of course I am going for number 1!  The greatest thing is that it will give my song "Mountain Tops" a chance to be heard in front of hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people. I hope that that song really has a strong impact on others as it has me.

Life is Amazing!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Massive Changes

Wow okay so things have been crazy and I missed blogging for the past I don't know four months. But here's a quick low down on what's going down:
  • Moved to Salt Lake City, no more in Provo, Utah. I miss a bunch of people but love the faster pace and more artistic nature of the bigger city.
  • Had 4 roommates.
  • Doing open mics around the town, music and poetry. Have been building a nice fan base at several coffee shops. 
  • Had a job at a Ski Resort.
  • Learned how to snowboard.
  • Had my car get repo'd because I couldn't afford the increase to my insurance due to a car accident last year.
  • Got my 1985 Touring Van fixed up, and now use it as transportation when I am not taking the public transit.
  • Quit my job at the Ski resort. Who would have thought that making $8.50 an hour would be something political?
  • Been involved with the filming of several things from Music videos to short films to acting in an episode of a sitcom and I just might wind up on TV.
  • My cat is in heat, looking for companionship. But NO that is not an invention. She is staying quite single and will be fixed once her cycle changes.
  • Only 2 roommates now. Don't want to talk about the drama tonight.
  • And Back to Blogging.

So there's a quick run down of what's gone on. Hope to keep you all updated back to a daily schedule.

Much Love,