Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Massive Changes

Wow okay so things have been crazy and I missed blogging for the past I don't know four months. But here's a quick low down on what's going down:
  • Moved to Salt Lake City, no more in Provo, Utah. I miss a bunch of people but love the faster pace and more artistic nature of the bigger city.
  • Had 4 roommates.
  • Doing open mics around the town, music and poetry. Have been building a nice fan base at several coffee shops. 
  • Had a job at a Ski Resort.
  • Learned how to snowboard.
  • Had my car get repo'd because I couldn't afford the increase to my insurance due to a car accident last year.
  • Got my 1985 Touring Van fixed up, and now use it as transportation when I am not taking the public transit.
  • Quit my job at the Ski resort. Who would have thought that making $8.50 an hour would be something political?
  • Been involved with the filming of several things from Music videos to short films to acting in an episode of a sitcom and I just might wind up on TV.
  • My cat is in heat, looking for companionship. But NO that is not an invention. She is staying quite single and will be fixed once her cycle changes.
  • Only 2 roommates now. Don't want to talk about the drama tonight.
  • And Back to Blogging.

So there's a quick run down of what's gone on. Hope to keep you all updated back to a daily schedule.

Much Love,

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