Friday, February 25, 2011

The Ball is Rolling!

It is kind of crazy watching how things come together so quickly.

A week ago I was on set for a Sitcom (which I cannot name or give any details until the pilot episode is complete or out on the network).

Two days ago I just won first place for the State of Utah in the Veteran's Art Festival, in the category of Solo Rock, performing an original song!

I am super excited as I am now in the semi-finals competing against 50 other winners from the other states. And if I make the top ten, I will then perform live in front of the national veteran's competition and of course I am going for number 1!  The greatest thing is that it will give my song "Mountain Tops" a chance to be heard in front of hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people. I hope that that song really has a strong impact on others as it has me.

Life is Amazing!


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