Sunday, October 10, 2010

Walking on Water

Wow! So I awoke from a fantastic dream where I was swimming laps at a pool with a bunch of other people, and suddenly I started swimming faster than the rest. But somewhere along the swim I decided that I was going to slow swimming, so I just stood up and started running on the waters edge. Everyone in the area started talking like they were shocked or surprised that I was walking on water. I looked down at my feet, and was like "Oh, I guess... I am walking on water." I walked over to the edge of the pool and had everyone start trying to walk with me on the water. I could see everyone's bare feet taking step after step and then after everyone was walking on water with me. I was super excite and started jumping and dancing around all over the water's surface. I could jump as high as I wanted to and I would be able to keep on my two feet. Then I decided to climb the high diver and I dove in and then instead of swimming to the poolside to get out of the water, I just pulled myself up and out of the water where I was.

So any of you dream interpreters want to take a stab at what that means in my dream. All I know is I was feeling quite amazing when I woke up. :)



  1. Namaste Daniel ! Namaste ! One interpretation of Namaste: The Divinity in me greets and adores the Divinity in you. That Divinity is in us all; try always to recognize it in yourself (your walking). Try to bring others to an understanding of their glory and possibility too (getting the others walking). No wonder you felt ecstatic durning and when you awoke ! I think that we are all limitless, but have not come to learn and believe and push far enough yet. Namaste, Daniel.

  2. I don't get the vibe that there is really much symbolism in this dream. I think mostly this dream demonstrates your personality in a world that is ruled by dream logic. In a world where you figured out how to walk on water your personality would first require you to teach other people how to do the same. After having shared your gift, your personality requires you to expand on it. Not everyone else does the same in the dreaming or waking worlds.