Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brownies and Blogs

I just pulled some box-made brownies out of the oven just now and I have no idea why I decided to start a blog.

I really don't know if being a blogger is the best thing one can do. I have my inner-skeptic shouting that this isn't the brightest idea that I have ever come up with. But for those of you, who ever you are, that read this... I hope that by my venting through a blog, you can enjoy the daily quanderings that I undergo. Maybe that will make us get along, or maybe we will straight out hate each other, in either case hopefully it is entertaining for both of us, the writer and reader, along with the commentary that might pile in. Who knows. Does anyone read these things anyway?

At any rate my life is NOT horribly unique, nor is there anything that makes me more distinguished than anyone else out there. But I like to believe that when people tell me that I am gifted, talented, funny, crazy or all the other flattery based compliments, that I somehow DO contribute to their lives. And after having dozens and dozens of people tell me, or rather ask me, where they can read my writing or hear my music or whatever else I do, it seems like a blog is the best answer. dun dun dun. Who knows?!

But really, I am going to abusively blog. I need some sort of an accountability system. I am the wizard of create a new project. Boredom being a pet-peeve of mine. Start a project, then start a project, to start a new one. Arrrgh! Eventually the mountains of guilt that I should be working on XYZ jumps in while I am still feeling occupied by ABC. None of which helps. How I am pulling A's & B's at the University is beyond me.

So if you can relate to that High-Five.

Except I really want to get things done. I NEED Some sort of order! Planners, calenders or setting alarms on my phone all his the productive gag reflex. I mean no offense Stephen R. Covey and the Franklin planner but those things do NOT work with my brain. But brownies do. I guess chocolate in general. I bet this blog will too!

Because... IF I BELIEVE that someone is on the other side is actually wanting to see me accomplish something, then I will definitely follow through--something a planner never came with. Oh, wow! that sounded like I was talking about God for a second...


This is a BLOG and I BELIEVE that REAL PEOPLE are reading this--even if its the mystical people.

So here's the plan that I've came up with while I scarfing brownies with a spoon. A spoon because I was too lazy to look for a clean utensil from the dishwasher.

Anyhow... THE PLAN:
  1. Create a NEW Habit of Accomplishments
  2. Write/Post something new for 365 days
  3. Get focused
I suppose that summarizes it. Seems like a good chunk of what one might blog about.

For the record I will be posting poetry, drawings, videos, music, recipes and things I find out along the way. So stay tuned...



  1. Mmm...chocolate. I too, am fond of a friendly audience. That's why I don't get stage fright, just audition fright. So, is Misty a real person or a mystical person? It's a corny joke, but I'm not too sure, myself. :) Good luck with the blog. I'm not sure what it takes to get me focused.

  2. Oh thank you :) Of course I am a bit nervous about taking on this project, but It seems like the only way to make sure I get stuff done. :) Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts.

  3. Hey, it's a low-risk undertaking. You'll do fine. I believe in you. ;)

  4. No inspiring words on my end, but I am here to follow and be entertained :)However I'm more than positive that you alone can entertain yourself just by putting your own thoughts to these online pages. Good to hear from you, and I certainly can't wait for more.

  5. I've been doing a lot of professional cooking lately. I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes. If you need any food ideas, let me know. I've got you added to my RSS feeder and will definitely be reading.

  6. Dan & Daniel . . . Lol! I'll definitely be reading your blog, regularly and I look forward to reading more of your chocolaty poetry!

  7. It sounds frightfully ambitious, planning to write every day for an entire year. I wish you luck with it, and as someone who loves to start projects but gets bored half way through, I am interested to see if you will discover what it is that inspires you when the going gets tedious.

    Shall I pass you a ginger ale?

  8. I'm proud of you, Mr. Daniel Sabin! I believe in you and your talents. Your writing is wonderful and I really enjoy reading what you're thinking. I should blog more often too and honestly, reading about your goals has considerably helped me solidify my own. So, thank you for that and thank you for being you (even if you feel naked half the time) It's worth it to be yourself and I think people will enjoy the real you anyway (I don't know if that was my interpretation of your dream or what, but it just came out). Just be you and the rest will fall in place.

    <3 Amy

  9. Thank you Amy. You are such an amazing person, singer, friend. Keep it up. Life is amazing.

  10. Daniel, I am really excited for your posts. This first one has me smiling already. Just so you know, I am one of those people who wants you to succeed at what ever you set your mind to. As for missing out on the XYZ and starting again and again on the ABC, and somehow getting A's and B's at the University, I totally get you on that. *high fives* Thanks for starting your blog, I've sort of stopped blogging about stuff because I over-complicate it. You helped me to remember that it isn't about format, or romantic language, it is about sharing an idea with those who care about you - so that you have the opportunity to muse over it as you type and... those who read what you share will be affected by it, and hon, it's usually in a good way ;)