Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Friends at 711 (Part One)

Doesn't seem like there should be a formula to making friends? Like there should be some really simple ways to meet someone and be able to connect with them? Some people however have massive barriers and before they even give you the chance to get along they might be shutting you out or rejecting you or treating you like crap.

That's is kinda what happened last night when my friend and I stopped by the 711 last night. Now I get along with most of the attendants there but the new lady there just seemed shut off, cold and completely non-responsive to any kind of joking. She went straight to business and treated me and my friend like we were trash. She was practically yelling at us to change registers to make our purchase. Cracking a joke didn't seem to help. I mean I don't think adding her to my FaceBook is going to happen, but come on lady, let's be friendly!

Now, not that this will always work, but one little trick I have found to meeting new people like this that are clearly having a bad day, week, year or lifetime, is to call them out on it respectfully. I mean her cat may have died and she was having to work at the 711 gas station, who knows what was up her ass. But next time I am in there I will let her know that her behavior wasn't acceptable. Without saying, "Hey you asshole, why'd you have to be a bitch?" Instead, I will ask her if she is okay, sort of like this: "So the other night I was in here with my buddy and you seemed a bit out of it. Just wondering if you are doing okay. It seemed like something bad might have happened."

Now only a complete jerk would respond negatively to that, but No worries if she does. We will have more to write about it.  :)

I will just let her know that it's okay that she was pissed, I mean I get pissed. But the next 711 encounter with said attendant will become part 2 of this 711 saga. So stay tuned.


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