Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Do You Sing?

That's right we need a shout out for all those that dare to sing! So many people say... Oh, I Blah blah blah about this or that when it comes to singing. And it sounds an awful lot like I blah blah blah about this or that. So all you people with reasons why you can't sing. Unless you are a mute and cannot biologically even talk, just GET OVER YOURSELVES!! And SING!

Oh and if you do sing. This is not a kudos moment. This is a High-Five-Jump-Up-and-Down-Turn-Around-Give-Each-Other-A-Huge-Bear-Hug-And-Whisper-In-Your-Ear-A-Great-Big-Thank-You Because all you singers out there ARE the difference. Because you are brave. You are bold. You are who blesses this world with your voice.

So if you sing POST and tell us WHY! If you are thinking about learning how to sing let us know! If you have a Blah Blah Blah reason why you don't sing--well I almost said you can go to hell, but I wont, just read why people sing.

It might change your life.

Remember that Being a Natural comes easy--with practice! 

G'night great people.

A Happy Singer.



  1. I sing all the time, usually when no ones around though >.<

  2. Being a natural comes with practice? That statement seems contradictory. I submit that practice is what keeps us from being the naturals we already are. Being a natural comes with Lao-tsu's non-action... as in breaking down the barriers that "practice" so carefully maintains. Wouldn't you agree?

  3. Absolutely not.

    Walking is very natural to you is it not? But it was practice that was required. Practice is as natural as is desire.

  4. Perhaps it is situational, then. But I am not so foolish as to deny that you have a point.

  5. When Leticia took up her major (voice pedagogy), she was told she needed to be committed. She thought they meant dedicated.

    There was a chorister at church, who happened to be professional singer, who felt the same way. Just let it out and sing your praises. She even stopped leading one Sacrament meeting and "invited" us to look up and smile. But because of her, I just let loose. I have always compared myself to Leticia, and know I'm not so polished. But I probably won't be asked to keep it down either.

  6. Refreshing post Daniel. I need to let go and sing more freely, so does everyone physically able. Singing is not about having perfect pitch or being adored by listeners. Well, that question, "Why do you sing ?"

    A deep breath followed by a scream relieves me some times. If I sing though, I feel that relief longer and loose the wrestler crushing me. There is a tag team of wrestlers named Pain, Anger, and Sorrow. Full breath after full breath ring out sound. Desire to create these sounds and sometimes words overwhelms the desire to hyperventilate or cry or huff angrily. Energy tied up and festering powers the sound pouring out.

    I forget about the problems. Sometimes I attack the horrors, singing about them I pull away and use them instead of them abusing me. Not always given absolute solutions via song but it feels good.

    That is one why, but another motive is more a thrill. Love, passion, ecstatic joy, desire, peace, happiness fills me; it is then most easy to explode. I sing to feel these sweetest things rush through me. At its best music feels not as if it is coming from lungs, chords and mouth, but gushes from my skin. I can explode, go everywhere at once, and still be whole and alive and even more alive because of it. [I love to paint, draw and write but to sing requires nothing but yourself, anywhere at anytime.]

    A person doesn't need to sound like they deserve a grammy to feel, experience, singing. I need to let myself more often. Like you said Daniel, I need to get over myself and SING !

    One more Why. Music like other great creations makes people light up, and I like being a conduit for that. To see enjoyment or melancholy or awe on a person's face zings me to my toes to be a part of.