Monday, September 13, 2010

Fire, Poetry and Sex Education

Woah! Last night was epic to say the least. My smaller, shorter than me, but ripped to hell, seriously 10 pack abs (if that is possible) Russian and calculus wizard, AKA one of my best friends ever and I decided to go to an Open Mic at GreenHouse Effect Coffee shop. And so glad we went.

It was Sunday night at 10:30. The place was packed with tons of musicians and poets. Acoustic guitars everywhere, people in every single iron chair around the patio tables, some sitting on the floor all the way to the door. Guitar riffs and songs, laughter and the buzz of coffee cups being sipped late at night. That was the beginning of my Greenhouse Effect. If you want to see what the place looks like (since it a unique home converted to a shop) then take a look at the Cafe. Inside that little nook that you can see from the before mentioned link is where we musicians and poets strutted our stuff. Some things were quite somber, some enlightening and others just outright beautiful.

I sang a song I wrote called Just Breathe which will be recorded soon! (Fingers crossed). Then after sipping on coffee I noticed in the back window some fire spinning around in the back parking lot. I found my self mesmerized with the beating of the hand drums and the vortex of flame engulfing the guys that were flinging ignited staff around their half naked bodies.

I busted out my harmonica and another harp player came and joined me. We dueled each others harmonica skills, taking turns in trying to outdo the other guy. I kicked his ass. haha! No really My several months practice and limited skills sucked compared to this guy that used to pan handle with a harmonica.

My Russian friend talked me into doing my contortionist moves, bending and folding my body around as well as flipping my arms around my neck or in front of me and doing the pretzel with my legs behind my head, or doing the splits. I now officially have a circus asking me to join them Hah! They say they need my act!

We somehow stayed way into the night making friends and ending the night on me teaching people about reflexology and how it really can and does indeed enhance one's libido.

All in all, I didn't have enough to eat. But the coffee buzz was amazing. And the friendships that I was able to build last night. Totally worth it!

Time for bed.




  1. You probably saw my twin sister there, then... she loves to go to the Greenhouse on Sundays. :)

  2. You have a twin? I never knew that about you Taylor!