Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Gazing

The cement was cold. The fishbowl of a skate park almost like an empty swimming pool is where I found the sky sometime after midnight. Jupiter was making his journey through the sky while the waning gibbous of the lunar light was going the opposite direction. I wondered if they ever talk. I mean Jupiter already has his moons to deal with but ours is so pretty. Does he ever ask her out? Would it be a coffee a date? Nah he's probably "a lets go watch Pink Floyd in concert and get wasted" type of first date kind of guy. Or would he rush things too quickly and she'd mistake him for a player?

I bet Jupiter is a player. I mean they say that he is the God of Fame, Fortune, Luck and what not. He's nothing like Saturn. Except astronomers say that they are both gas planets. Like miniature stars that just don't incinerate.

I saw a bat fly past Orion's belt. I only noticed because the bottom star blacked out by the bat. Odd that a bat lives in the city. But is so cool how a skate park is a night time. the walls chop out a lot of the city lights and the stars perk up a little bit. Although the visual of the sky is framed in the curves of cement.

I've been long-boarding for awhile, and now I want a skateboard. The drops in these skate parks terrify me so I have to do it.

It's strange to me that star gazing is so reflective tonight. Its like I kept thinking about past events I suppose it is due to the old lights that they are. Like ancient wisdom that can only be read when you are lucky enough to gaze into them. Cleopatra seduced many beneath these constellations. And Erik the Red used them to find the next place to besiege. If I had been a Viking...

But the cement is cold, and I going home.


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