Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letting Go

So, the topic of this post seems deadly cliche. But I don't know how else to say what I had to do. Nor do I know if I made the best decision. I decided to drop two classes, both of which I was LOVING: Philosophy of the Mind and Philosophy of Religion. Why? Because I had a fantastic discussion with my voice teacher. And realized that I had been trying to tackle too much. Maybe that's part of the whole feeling like I cant get anything done. Is this "I have too much on my plate" feeling, then crash, burn, explode into "I don't want to do a damn thing" attitude.

Letting go of these classes though feels like I have committed a crime. I feel relieved. But I will miss the intellectual stimulation of Philosophy.

The decision really was based off of my need to focus on my music. My voice teacher, what an angel, really gave me the pep talk of a lifetime. I have for her deepest respect for her. I realized today how much she believes in my abilities to sing. I really want to embrace my vocals like a professional and dive deep into my singing career. I know she can take me there. She even got me a bit teary eyed.

She gave me a list of classical singers to study and to figure out which songs I like the best.

(I will post the list once I learn how to spell their names.)  And I will be showing you all what I pick to do as well as strut my vocals off.

Wish me well.




  1. Sounds Daniel. You've got the power!! So what happened with the band? How did the summer go and all? I'm so curious.


  2. My brother once said that letting go is a form of alchemy. You'll only be more refined when you take the classes next. Think of how much better they will be when there is less to distract! How much happier, then, is your intellect when it has the chance to immerse itself more completely than before?

    I submit that patience is a form of alchemy, too, because there isn't much that burns hotter than the all too familiar disappointment that stems from the failed fruits of an impatient labor.

    Gold... seems a worthy reward for letting go, don't you think?

  3. You can always take the classes another semester, but I know what you mean. I love Philosophy! Good luck, hun.

  4. Connie really is an angel, isn't she?

    She has been an angel in my life as well. You should have seen me 3 or 4 years ago. I was a mess and she was a good enough friend to sit down during a lesson and just talk and not even sing. She truly cares about the individual, not just the grade or talent. I owe her so much.

    Good luck, Daniel!

  5. I've already had many "Constance moments" Where Connie has been willing to stop and play therapist even when she didn't have to. And strangely I sing better because of it. Wish I could thank her enough.