Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cooking is Sexy!

Ok, so yeah, I may be risking something by saying this; I may sound completely demanding but... I dare to say it. I dare to tell you how it is. I dare to be bold. I Dare to be a man. And I am just going to say it. We all think this:

A girl that can cook, and I mean cook food that makes you drown in flavor, is STRAIGHT up HOT!

There is no way around the sexiness of French recipes, the Italian spice, or where the Asian sweet-n-sour can take you. No, there isn't. Stop trying to argue with me. There is NO WAY AROUND how sexy someone who can cook is. You can try to say all your little compliments and dress up like playtime barbie, but if you can't make something sizzle in the pan it's only skin deep!

I mean... I may forgive you. I may try to to realize that cooking isn't a part of your life. But Damn. If you cook and we can chop vegetables, caramelize garlic in melted butter, and close our eyes while we sample our cooking.

I just may break down. I may try to define that together, is really spelled To-Get-Her. And I might, oh yeah, I might, say, "Girl you got it goin on!"

Let's casserole tonight!


PS. My fav Four Letter "F" word coming soon.

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  1. Hummmm .... realmente cozinhar e MESMO sexy , MAS infelizmente sou nao sexy Nesse Atributo nao ... Mas Quero esforçar pra mim Vou Ser .... Fazer vc Por ISSO ! Beijos