Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank God for a Refrigerator

Whoa. I think it has been a whole week since my fridge pooped out on me. Today I had to sneak back home between classes to have the home open and ready for the delivery guy to bring in my new Fridge! It made me 3 minutes late to choir. But I know where my priorities are--food. And of course if you have never heard me say this before: My favorite 4-Letter 'F word is ... FOOD!

Isn't she just sexy? I mean she is one HOT rectangle. I am super excited. She has just the chemistry to keep me well fed physically, probably even emotionally. SO WHAT if its just a physical relationship! I love that she is okay that I am shallow that way. I decided that she can move in. But she has to be open to me closing her door off and on. If she is good, I will decorate her with drawings and magnets. I know that I do need to fill her up too. As it is now our relationship is a bit empty as you can see. 

I'm really happy with the ice maker option :)

Ok I know you are all envious. So I will stop bragging. I will stop letting you know how amazing she is. You haters out there though... You should stop. ;)



  1. Oooh, an ice maker. I am envious.

    I hope she's not hot. She looks like a cool lady to me.