Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mental Blender

Okay so a great deal of friends have been asking me to post this poem. Some say it is like a blender. I wrote it a couple years back, but its been among the most requested. So far my favorite way to present this poem is with a Russian accent. But read this thing aloud as fast as you can for some fun. But also it has some pretty nice significance if you read into it. I get something new out it every time I perform this, read this, or quote from this poem. Tell me what your take on what this poem means to you.




My insides are outside,
Though outside they’re inside,
And inside, I truly wish
Being outside, my insides
Could subside and curbside,
The outside outsidedness;

Yet, outsides can never be,
An inside-out memory,
For outside, they inwardly
Exposed outside vividly;

Thus inside, my insides
Yearn freedom from outside,
And outside, my insides,
Remain insidiously inside-out.

So, to subside the insides,
I tried outsides of insides
Till outsides had subsided,
And inside, insides divided.

Inside my insidedness,
I no longer outsidedly,
Curbsided my memories
And outside looking in,
I subsided with a grin!

Now inside, I’m inside;
And outside, I’m outside.
Though sometimes, I’m inside-out,
And sometimes, I’m outside-in.


  1. As I quickly read this poem, it reminded me of the type of poems Shel Silverstein writes. I remember this poem; I remember you reciting it; so smoothly and yet insanely too! I feel like you've reached deeply into the depths of my confusion and have just explained it. I love it!

  2. LOL.. I love, love, love it!!!

  3. Try reading this with a Russian accent! I love it :)