Monday, September 6, 2010

Woke Up Naked

OK... Seriously, I just woke up from a dream where I was walking around butt ass naked!

Now, isn't elementary school the place where those sort of dreams are supposed to die? I guess that's a HUGE NO! But whats worse, is that I was running around the VA hospital naked. A naked in a hospital... really?!

I blame this Blog idea already.

I was naked and EARLY for my therapist's appointment. Early. Me? Is that even possible? However early, that I was, didn't matter. Because I check in and the lady at the desk completely disregards my pale--needs a tan, but goes to gym--body and hands me some papers and telling me to come back a little later for my appointment or to just sit down.

So, hungry, I left. Upon returning however, I was late. Now why was I late? Because I had effectively stopped and talked to people at the burger joint, where I walked naked through the drive-through and ordered a burger. Why was no one in my dream disturbed by my nudity?!

Does anyone know what that means in dream interpretation? What does it mean when no one cares that your naked??

Anyhow, I wound up late to the appointment by ten minutes. The lady at the desk plugged the dude that was after me, who was also early for his appointment, into my time slot. And disconnectedly told me that I'd have to reschedule. And I was freaking out. I needed to see my therapist. There is shit I need to unload.

I don't really know that I should be blaming the blog, but I am. I am blaming the fact that I am now non-stop thinking about what I need to work on and apparently from my dream, I need to work on being responsible. I am now thinking that I really do show up late for things because I want everyone I meet to have a great day--even if I am naked.

But, if I am to be more productive, I really wonder if my spontaneous nature requires some level of restraint. Arrrgh. Did I just say that? Do I really need to restrain my self from spontaneity to beable to see my therapist among other things? 
So dear readers. What should I do? Do I stop the addiction to meet and greet people? Does that make me naked? Do I even need clothes? Who knows.

But stay tuned. My brain is processing this while I go to make some breakfast.



  1. Dream interpretation depends on the dreamer. How did you feel about being naked? Did it bother you or were you as carefree about it as the people in your dream? What were your emotions and feelings through this?


  2. Also, another thing is. If you are uncomfortable with being naked it could be because you are too busy being someone your not. Perhaps your addiction to meeting and greeting people is because you want people to think you are all high and mighty. First impressions can be so fun. Can't they? But once they get to know you(take off your clothes...metaphorically please, I'm your cousin) you feel like they won't like the true you. So you put a huge front up, instead of being yourself. Which in my opinion is much cooler than putting on a front. Its also a trait I struggle with as well. I spent a very long time not being a Serena but being a JudiC. Perhaps you've spent your whole life being someone else to please a parent figure....? Err...I'm getting too deep into this.....

  3. well I didn't even care in my dream that I was naked... BUT after I woke up I was like that was messed up, where were my clothes?

  4. I think being naked is lovely! It's like being honest physically and ritualistically. And you were early for therapy?? Doesn't that suggest looking forward to something? So you were naked and early for therapy and nobody cared. When my conscious brain evaluates that it comes up with this. "Honestly seeking self-improvement regardless of the feelings &/or judgments of others." I'm not even sure you need therapy any more.
    And don't blame the blog. The blog is more a consequence than a cause. At best it's really only correlative. You are opening up in a new way--it was a process you started before you even signed up for Deb Thornton's class although that class definitely gave us all the courage to face ourselves boldly. You ran with it, you're seeing results, and you haven't stopped yet. And you shouldn't.
    PS I'd love it if you followed my blog too: is my polished blog. I have an account here on blog spot (Of Beauty and Bounty) but it's not edited well--my other blog is far superior due to better editing and the inclusion of graphics.

  5. Akkk!!! please remove the "--This" from that link. It's not in there and it shouldn't be. (see no editing, my bad)

  6. Nudity in dreams often means feeling of being exposed. To some people that is a bad thing and to others it's a good thing. Your reaction to it was positive, but how did you feel about other peoples' neutral reactions? Dreams often reflect what we've been trying not to think about but need still to process. The exact symbols of a dream don't matter nearly as much as how we react to them.
    I see 4 elements to the dream: 1) blaming the blog, 2) a sense of urgency/lateness) 3) the nudity/exposure(or whatever you felt), and 4) the conflict between doing what you want to do (talking to people) and what you feel obligated to do (going to the therapist).
    As far as being on time, my experience is if something is important enough to you, you'll be on time. If there's enough internal resistance you'll find reasons to be late.
    To get value from a dream, take the next step to either accept or change the way you think and feel about something or take action to change the situation so you can feel good about it.

  7. Well strangely in the dream I felt no remorse for the nudity or at least that I was naked. It wasn't until I was awake that I wondered "Why was I naked?"

    Now really, blaming the blog is also after I woke up, I thought that perhaps due to the idea of writing in a blog every day and wanting to create new habits by writing in a blog may have triggered the dream.

    Also I wonder if it is an addiction that I possess to make friend with people even those at a burger shop, or that it is a good thing to be that way. I am typically very outgoing--although I do have my moments of being a hermit too.

  8. Reactions to a dream are about as important as the dream itself. If your first thought on waking was 'that damned blog' and 'why the hell was I naked' then it tells you something about the dream. The problem with trying to assign meaning to dreams is that you created any meaning or lack of meaning. If you don't want something to mean anything, change your mind on it meaning anything. :) Is socializing an addition or is it a human need? Do you feel resentful that your socializing made you miss out on your obligation?

  9. I am intrigued that you went through the drive-thru on foot. Usually, a car represents your life in the dream, and in place of it, you had only yourself, and unabashedly naked at that. Most definitely, I am interested in your reaction after waking up. What is wrong with being exposed? You didn't mind it subconsciously? Subjecting outward opinion to guide your actions? Since when have the colletive masses had any say in what we should or should not do?

    Perhaps this dream is an indication that you are ready for the next step, whatever it is, and you're only freaking out because you think you're not ready for it.

    *thinks this is sounding a bit familiar*

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  11. All right. So what I removed was that my grammar was terrible, but I didn't manage to correctly spell half the words in that post complaining about my grammar so I removed it. Nothing taboo, though it sort of looks that way. All I wanted to say was that your subconscious didn't mind you being naked. Declarative statement, not a question.

  12. 1st I believe Therapists are sounding boards that have a nack of asking us good questions (or making us think of things we wouldn't otherwise), but the beautiful thing is that often friends, strangers, and family, if reached out to, can perform much the same.

    2nd People are more important than any class or appointment.

    3rd Opinion: Clothing annoys and restricts (the metaphoric and the physical), but (yes) sometimes is preciously protective. There is enough to think about yourself before you choose to cover, what you choose to cover, and what you choose to "wear."

    4th Not to say punctuality isn't admirable, but it is overly praised. Go ahead and aim for times pre-appointed, but don't stress when life gives you detours. Say this is my goal but I get there when I get there, if things really are needed/desired you'll find away, missed appointments or not / frustration or not.

  13. Ok so you all are giving me so much great ideas for what my dream means, or meant. And I am learning so much from you all.

    Seriously, thank you so much for such great insights all of you.


  14. Ok, so this isn't going to help you much, but I found this rather amusing. I've had naked dreams before, but we won't talk about that... ;)