Friday, September 17, 2010

Come on Sabin, Wash Your Cat

Oh yeah, a bottle of shampoo, warm water, tub plug, meow meow meow, scratch, jump and worries of a drowning animal, that's what just happened. Oh yes, my little black and white just shivered like crazy after I toweled her down and then brought out the blow dryer. Hiss, spit, shiver, hiss and dart, claw for the towel, cry for safety, fear machines and their horrible drown of warmth, I'll just pretend that it doesn't bother me... Because the end result is a furry friend that smells like a jojoba, chamomile, and some other fragrances they won't list.

If the end justifies the means, does that mean that you have to be mean to get to the end?

Oh the deeper questions that arise from washing a kitten in the morning.

Groom yourself little Samantha, I still love you.




  1. Aww.. she's cute..I miss my little kitten too.

  2. It is certainly entertaining to read how you play with words.

  3. Daniel! I had no idea you had a kitty! When will I be properly introduced?