Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Writing Songs

Writing a song has go to be the most challenging, most wonderful thing that anyone can ever attempt. It requires turning pain into pleasure, a perfect blend between logic and luck, packaged deep into that stuff they call music. It requires knowing when enough is enough without using that cliche, or that phrase, I've used before. Its about giving up, giving in, giving out and getting what on one else can, because no one else will write my songs--too many are afraid or don't know how, or don't even want to write their own songs.

So, instead of waiting for the perfect emotion, moment, or schedule, one must practice daily, must write massive amounts of notes and words no matter how much of it turns out to be gibberish. There's a song always lurking about and the songwriter is its hunter. The good news is that there is no license required, no degree, no experience, nor pedigree... just desire. Desire is how the song writer fires their instruments and catches their song. The pen and paper are merely their targeting devices. Emotion is the ammunition, pain the trigger, and the challenge is pulling the trigger and letting everything go, the way it does, the way it always does afterwords.


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  1. Those songs don't stand a chance against a song hunter like you. Go get-um Tiger!