Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost My Groceries...

OK great! I just bought $170 worth of food. A lot of it went to the freezer, but whatever made it to fridge is pretty much disgusting. My fridge decided to quit. It's almost room temperature and I have the thing cranked to 7 the highest cold. I've tried to call the landlord, but yeah that's not working out.  Fortunately the freezer is still ice cold although it has a ton of frost all over the place looking like a bunch of snow just hit the freezer.

Crossing my fingers that the landlord will actually answer the damn phone.

A very concerned



  1. I'm sure the cosmos are planning some splendiferous karmic justice for your lanlord... like having the fridge go out right before Thanksgiving or something. *grin*

  2. LoL. I sure hope not. The turkey already gave its life for the landlord!